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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I feel like I don’t have the time right now?
By investing as little as 2 hours per week you can get the full benefit of this program. If you’re on your own timeline you can take as long as you need to work through each of the techniques, tools and meditations available. Once you enroll, you fully own this program. This means you can continue to deepen into the work and revisit the tools as many times as you need.

You truly have the flexibility to enjoy the course at your own pace.

There will always be a ‘better time’ to do this somewhere in the future. But if you know deep down that what you’ve been doing isn’t working – then only you can decide how important it is for you to call in your soulmate now. If you’re really ready for your man, then you owe it to yourself to get the tools you need to let him in.

This is about you focusing on you and what’s important in your life.

PLUS you have access to Soulmate School for the lifetime of the program. You can come back to it whenever you want.


How do I access the material?
You'll be emailed all the log in information and you’ll be directed to all the materials. No more looking back through emails to find the audio replays and bonuses.

There’s a section for each of the 6 steps including:
-easily downloadable Mp3 recordings of each class and Q&A call
-recordings of powerful meditations and energetic tools that are simple to transfer to your phone or tablet and listen to at any time
-writing prompts to help you dive in deeper to your own transformation
-instructional videos to support you in your learning and healing
-plus all of the amazing bonuses

AND my support team will be on hand to support you in making this whole thing super easy for you.


What if I can’t afford this?
 We get it. You really want to do this program, but you feel like you can't afford it.

To make the program more affordable, you can split the tuition into 2 payments with no extra fee. To make it even more affordable, when you bring a girlfriend for free, you can share the cost which makes it only $149 each or 2 payments of just $75.

Soulmate School was originally priced at $497, but we've lowered the price by $200 to make it more accessible for everyone.

This is an invitation for a profound shift – a shift into making your happiness your top priority. This is the first step in calling in your true partner – to attracting a partner who makes YOU a priority.


What if I don’t believe there really is someone out there for me?
The techniques and meditations I’ll be sharing in this class will actually help you transform your limiting beliefs and uncover your subconscious blocks to attracting the right relationship. Our thoughts create our reality, so when you clear the blocks and beliefs that have held you back, you’ll naturally be magnetic to the right partner.

If you’ve given up hope, I’ll help you to reconnect with LOVE.

I have a partner, but I'm not sure if he's the one. Can I still sign up?    
Yes, absolutely. The steps that you take in Soulmate School will help you get clear and empowered within yourself. 

As your energy gets aligned, your intuition and knowing are sharper, and you'll be able to have a strong sense of whether this relationship is right for you. 

And if it is the right relationship, the same tools that we use in Soulmate School to attract your partner can keep the spark alive in current relationships. 


I live outside of the U.S. Will I still be able to participate?
Yes. All of the lessons are available globally so you can listen in at any time.  The Soulmate School is yours for the lifetime of the online program.


How do I know this is going to work? I've read books, said positive affirmations and visualized my partner. Is there a guarantee?

Soulmate School is a powerful program based in making shifts at the energetic and subconscious levels. Once you make those shifts internally then your external reality shifts. I know this process works... there are happily in love Soulmate School grads all over the world to prove it.

I send a survey out at the end of each program.

 97% of the women surveyed are happy with their decision to take Soulmate School 
(70% rated it excellent and 27% rated it as good)

AND I believe so fully in this program that I offer a money back guarantee.

If you fully commit to getting the most out of Soulmate School and give it your all, and you in the first 14 days that it isn’t for you… simply speak to someone on our team and we’ll gladly refund your tuition.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you fully commit to getting the most out of Soulmate School and really give it your all, and you still find you have not had a fundamental change in the way your view yourself and your ability to create a life of love, you can speak to our team and we will gladly refund your tuition.

Soulmate School

Liesel Rigsby
The Energetic Matchmaker
Liesel Rigsby is known as The Energetic Matchmaker for her ability to intuitively ‘see’ what women need to shift in order to build a life of deeply fulfilling and lasting love.

She is the creator of the internationally renowned Soulmate School™, a six-week course designed to help women fall in love with themselves and clear their energetic blocks to divine partnership. She has helped women all over the world create loving, connected relationships.

Liesel is a gifted spiritual teacher who was a college professor for many years before she decided to follow her heart and change careers. She supports women in finding love through her public speaking, online courses, live events, and private coaching. 
She loves to travel, write songs and spend time in nature with her husband and daughter.